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The John Deere Model D

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

My neighbor was an original homesteader on the Heart Mountain Irrigation Project. His father had purchased the John Deere Model D in 1937, and when my neighbor got his own homestead, his father gave the tractor to him. He used it for a number of years and as farming equipment got more modern he retired the tractor, but it was always his pride and joy. He kept it in perfect condition and running order.

My wife and I rented one of his farms for 35 years. At his farm auction, after he retired from farming, I purchased his beloved first tractor. He was so thrilled that I bought it, because he knew I would take good care of it. We still have it and it still runs to this day. He gave me the original owner’s manual and made some personal notes:

"Tractor 1937 J.D. Model D. Bought in 1937 for $1,100. 15-27 H.P. One of the first tractors to be equipped with tires. Would pull 3 plows 12-14 foot one way. Sometime later, my father had it converted to gasoline and put much larger tires on it, making it pull almost as much as the new Diesels. When the tractor was original it burned tractor fuel, and had water injection to cut detonation and give more power. We used to pull a 28” Grain Thresher, and a 24” Bean Thresher with it. The threshing runs would run from 2 weeks to a month. I ran it 12 hours a day."

Holding on to a piece of Wyoming history such as this is incredible.

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