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I am a common-sense conservative.

I believe in the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution and will fight to protect those rights.

I believe that the protection of individual freedom and enterprise is essential to our great state.

Endorsed by Wyoming Right to Life
Tim French (R), SD 18



I believe in the sanctity of life. I will sponsor and advance pro-life legislation in the Senate. I have received the endorsement of Wyoming Right to Life and an 'A' rating from Family Policy Alliance. Abortion has devastating, life-long effects on women, men, their families, and society as a whole. I will promote pro-life alternatives, such as Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center, for women who find themselves pregnant and are considering abortion. The resources provided by pregnancy resource centers are invaluable.

Second Amendment:
We must protect the right to bear arms in order to protect our lives, our property and the lives of our loved ones. Left-wing politicians and even some so-called "good Republicans" are always trying to chip away at the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I will sponsor pro-2nd amendment legislation and I'll always vote to protect that inalienable right.  I am a life-long hunter; I received a 100% rating from Wyoming Gun Owners, and 100% rating from the NRA.

Economic Development:

Our first priority must be to encourage and support existing Wyoming businesses. Those businesses have been here for years, paying taxes, providing jobs, and contributing to their communities. There are many options to explore when we talk about economic diversification. Support for Wyoming entrepreneurs and value-added strategies are great ways to support Wyoming businesses. New businesses to Wyoming should have to prove themselves; they should be required to use Wyoming products and services, if available, when applying for state funds.


I oppose a state income tax and I oppose raising taxes. Many people in Wyoming are losing their jobs and businesses and they are in real distress. Taxing our way out of a deficit is not sound government practice. It is wrong to ask Wyoming FAMILIES to dig into their pockets to sustain the status quo. I believe in reducing the size and cost of government instead. I signed the Americans for Tax Reform "Taxpayer Protection Pledge," which states, "I will oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes."

Public Lands:

There is room on our public lands for many diverse uses. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, grazing, timber, oil & gas, and mineral extraction all have their place. As long as these economic and recreational activities are done responsibly, multiple use is the best use of our public lands. As Park County Commissioner I was instrumental in keeping Yellowstone National Park open to winter use.

Disciplined Spending:

The state is in a difficult financial situation right now – perhaps the most difficult we have ever faced. The old "tax and spend" policies are not working. How every dollar is spent must be carefully scrutinized - transparency and accountability in government is a must. We need a smarter, smaller and more efficient state government. As Park County Commissioner for 18 years, I made thousands of important and difficult decisions, kept the budget balanced, and influenced the decision to put away money each year into reserves for future crisis’s and economic downturns. When I retired from the board of commissioners, we had a reserve large enough to handle unforeseen emergencies.

We have excellent teachers in our school districts. Not only do we need excellence in public schools, we need school choice. Parents must always be allowed to decide what’s best for their children’s education. Everyone talks about economic diversification, and we are a “tax friendly” state, but I believe one of the reasons businesses are not coming to Wyoming is a lack of choice in educational opportunities for their children, such as charter schools.

I will ALWAYS support our veterans. Those who have risked everything to preserve our freedom and our way of life deserve nothing less than our wholehearted support and eternal gratitude. I also support our first responders and our men and women involved in law enforcement. These people are all our friends and neighbors who put their lives on the line to protect ours.

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